Sunday, February 15, 2009

Finally some decent profit at CVS!

(I say that with such entitlement, ha.)

But in all seriousness, I had been a bit discouraged as of late. The deals were few and the stock sparse these past few weeks. And the Gamer Fusion razor? Fugetaboutit. Nary a one to be found.

But I managed to still make a good run today, ending up with a profit of $8.34 when all was said and done. Per usual, I relied on my trusty $10/$50 purchase coupon and my diabetes monitor filler.

Here's the rundown:
  • $0.73 worth of Valentine candy, 90% off (most to give away)
  • Two $2.99 Colgate Total Advanced, get $2.99 ECB each
  • Two $2.99 Herbal Essences, get $2 ECB
  • $4.99 Gillette shampoo (for Daddy, since Lance obviously can't use it!)
  • $7.99 Earinse, get $7.99 ECB
  • Two $3.99 Stayfree pads, get $2 ECB each
  • $19.99 One Touch Mini (for donation to missions)

Sub-total came to $53.64. Used these coupons:

  • $10 off $50 purchase
  • $19.99 off One Touch Mini
  • Two $1 off Colgate Total Advance from recent insert
  • $3 off 2 Herbal Essences from recent PG insert
  • $2 off Gillette Shampoo from recent PG insert
  • BOGO free Stayfree coupon from recent insert
  • $1 off Stayfree printable Mfr. coupon

That brought the sub-total down to $11.66, and I paid with a $7.58 ECB and a $3.99 ECB. Sub-total = $0.09! Of course, tax was outrageous ($2.97, ouch). I paid the remaining $3.06 using a CVS gift card. I walked out with $22.97 more in ECBs, thus I made a profit of $8.34 ($22.97 ECBs earned minus $11.57 ECBs spent minus $3.06 cash spent).

CVS, I heart you. : )

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Jodi said...

I found the Gamer razors on an endcap. There wasn't even a peg for it with the other razors. Luckily I was walking around the store a bit and spotted them.