Friday, October 3, 2008

The best "milk-run" ever

Why is it that I only want to use recipes that call for milk when we're OUT of milk?

I really wanted to make broccoli-cheese soup for dinner, but after realizing that it called for milk (big duh), I had to think quick. Either try the recipe WITHOUT the milk (not a good idea), or make a special trip. Hm.

I decided on a special trip. And this trip started with Best Buy. Non sequitur, yes, but we earned some Best Buy gift certificates that expire TOMORROW (why do we cut things so close?), so it was use them today or never. (We'll have no time to use them tomorrow, due to my cousin's out-of-town wedding.)

I was pleased to get the Labyrinth special edition DVD for a pittance after our certificates. Then it was off to get the milk. Sort of. We were too hungry to wait for dinner, so we stopped at Krystal for a sack-full. Yeah, I know.

Finally, with the hot food stinking up the car, we rolled into Kroger. I ran in, grabbed two Glade Plug-in Gel Warmers ($1.89 each), a half gallon of milk ($1.89 on sale), and boogied to the registers. I had a BOGO free coupon for the Plug-ins, so the total after tax was $4.06. I sheepishly asked the cashier if I could use the two $2 catalinas that had just printed (one for each Plug-in) towards my total. She had no problem with that, and I ended up paying her $0.06 cents.

That's a nickel and a penny for milk and two Plug-ins. Unbelievable.

So, as convoluted as the trip ended up being, it turned out to be a pretty great "milk-run", huh? :)

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