Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Miss Perfect Bakes a Cake

Just in case any of you needs confirmation that I am anything BUT perfect:

This is Lance's strawberry birthday cake.

It is the ugliest cake ever made.

It crumbled as I iced it last night, and it split in half just as I was putting it in the fridge. The right side completely slid off. At that point, I gave up and just had to laugh it off.

It still tasted good.


Lyse said...

Oh no! Was it still hot when you were handling it?

I'm sure it still taste pretty good!

Katy F. said...

Ha ha! No, it wasn't hot. I let it cool all the way before removing the pieces from the pans. It was either that the cake mix was too old (the expiration date said Nov. 2006, yikes!) or that I used three medium eggs instead of large eggs. I don't know, got any ideas?