Friday, January 2, 2009

The bottomless toilet paper stash (pardon the pun)

Apparently, my garage has magic powers of regeneration.

Remember that huge stash of Cottonelle I got for really cheap back in September? (Okay, I know you don't, so go here if you want a refresher, ha ha!) Well, as I was searching for room in the upstairs closet to stuff yet another free 4-pack from Kroger, I got curious about how much of that stash in the garage we've actually used to date.


I could have SWORN that I opened at least ONE of those huge packs of double rolls over the last 3 months! Apparently not. Either that, or I have discovered the secret portal to the Land of Endless Toilet Paper.

I wonder how long this will continue. I previously thought we had enough TP to last us a year, but seeing as how we've gone over three months without using any of those rolls, perhaps we're looking at TWO years! As long as Cottonelle keeps putting $0.50 coupons in the papers and Kroger keeps selling 4-packs for $0.99, we'll be set for life!

How did I ever live without coupons?

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