Sunday, January 4, 2009

Sunday CVS Swag

Here's my Sunday CVS rundown for this week:
  • Fructis Shampoo, $2.99, get $2 ECB
  • Ziplock twin packs, $5.99 each, get $2 ECB for each
  • Nasogel, $7.99, get $7.99 ECB
  • Jack Link's Jerky twin pack, $9.99, get $2 ECB
  • EPT 2-pack, $15, get $10 ECB with purchase of $20 in Johnson products
  • Tylenol Sinus, $6 (to finish out the Johnson's purchase total)

Coupons used:

  • $1 off Fructis
  • $1 off two Ziploc products
  • $2 off Nasogel (printed from website)
  • $4 off EPT
  • $1 off Tylenol Sinus
  • $10 off a $50 purchase (CVS coupon)

I paid with $34.46 ECBs, and the total came down to just $0.49! Tax was $0.77, because they have to charge the full amount of tax on food products by law. The total of $1.26 went on my CVS gift card (Thanks, Mom!), and I got back $25.99 in ECBs, plus a bonus $0.50 for my "Fall Spending" (2% back). That just goes to show how LITTLE I paid out of pocket during the fall, ha ha!

So, my bottom line for today: I PAID $9.23. That's a bit unusual for me to not EARN money with my purchases, but I had promised Lance some Jack Link's jerky, and I decided to take advantage of the opportunity to boost my total up to $50, so I could use yet another $10/$50 coupon. I think I've used about ten of these so far, and they just keep coming!

If I had skipped the jerky and Ziploc bags, I could have ended up making about a dollar on the rest. And if I had had one of the BOGO free Ziploc coupons (they didn't print them in the Nashville inserts), I would have spent much less. Oh, well. Sometimes you just gotta spend money to get stuff you want, huh?

Just FYI: The EPT tests are for the FUTURE! Just getting my ducks in a row...

; )

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