Saturday, September 6, 2008

Another Adventure in the life of Katy Coupons!

Here I am, officially a part of the blogosphere. Just like with Facebook, I never EVER thought I'd do this sort of thing! But sending all my pictures of CVS goodies through email was getting tedious, and I'm sure I'm overestimating the number of people who are actually INTERESTED in such. Now I won't have to clutter their in-boxes...If they want to know what's happening in my life, they know where to go to find out! I do realize that this blog will get very little traffic, and I'm okay with that. I don't need to sell advertising, I just want a space to share my pictures and perhaps some funny Baxter stories. Don't we all want to hear Baxter stories??

So, to you who may be reading this, thank you for your support! I love you all, and couldn't make it through this life without you! God has been good to bless me with such a wonderful family and network of friends.

With all my love,

Katy (AKA Katy Coupons)

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Anonymous said...

I think the saying is "You go girl". I will be a regular on this site to see "what's happening" with Katy coupons. I especially liked the part about your family. I wonder why?