Wednesday, September 17, 2008

What I'm thankful for right this minute

  • a working car that gets good gas mileage
  • fall weather
  • good friends (like Denise), with whom I can share daily frustrations and small victories
  • the fact that the red rose bush is blooming just enough for me to be able to snip a few roses to have here at work (I stop and smell them when I get stressed)
  • my good black skirt (wearing it now)
  • a job, even though it aggravates me most days
  • a home in heaven with my Savior

1 comment:

Mareydenis said...

You're so sweet, Katy!

And now that the ongoing torture of internet trauma has finally been resolved, I am able again to see things to be grateful for too. Like KATY TIME!!!

And puppy love, and still having a job in spite of my recent slacking, fall weather and low humidity.

Ahh, life is good! And it sounds like that loaf of bread is too! I'm so happy you finally got a bread maker!!!!