Monday, September 8, 2008

Aw, only 8 cents profit??

Well, it happens every time. I have a plan all worked out on paper when I go in, and I end up coming out with something completely different!

Today was a CVS run. I planned on several more items than shown, and DIDN'T plan on the Carefree, but some items were not available and some were more expensive than MoneySavingMom said they'd be. Oh, well. Here's how things went:

  • 1 Right Guard deodorant, $2.99, get 2 ECB

  • 2 Chex Mix, on sale for $1 each

  • 2 Trident Xtra Care gum, on sale for $1 each

  • 1 75-count pack of Flossers, on sale for $1.25

  • 1 38-count Carefree pantiliners, $3.89, get 2 ECB (sign said I'd get 3 ECB, which would have been a money-maker...Alas, the signs are often wrong.)

I used these coupons:

  • $1 off Right Guard

  • 2 $1 off Chex mix

  • BOGO free Trident

  • 75 cents off Trident (Yes, they let me use both!)

  • $2 off Carefree product (printed from CVS coupon machine today, that was lucky)

  • $2 off $10 purchase

I paid using 2 ECB and $1.92 in cash (used that 20 cents Daddy gave me!), and then got back 2 ECBs for the Right Guard and 2 for the Carefree. So, I made a whopping 8 cents. : )

Hey, I won't complain too much. I got all this stuff for free.*

*When I say "free," I'm referring to the fact that the cash I did pay (mostly for tax) ended up being paid back to me in Extra Care Bucks. I can thus "roll" the tax that I always have to pay on my free items into ECBs to spend again later. Hopefully on something else that will make money! Then, once my stash of ECBs gets too big, I find something that we need on sale that might not be a money-maker, and spend them all to stock up on that item. I did that to get a good stock of the expensive contact solution we like.

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