Friday, September 12, 2008

Yeast roll success

Thank you, Auntie N, for the link to the bread machine recipes!

I tried the yeast rolls today. Or, I guess you could say, yesterday and today. I made the dough up in the bread maker last night, shaped the rolls in a baking pan, and put it in the fridge overnight. Today after work, I put them in the oven. They took a little more time than expected, probably because they were still cold. But they turned out nice and buttery!

Right now I've got some banana nut bread going. I'm just putting it through the dough cycle, so that I can put it in a pan and store it in the fridge until tomorrow. I'll bake it up for breakfast. I hope the plan works. It didn't seem to be rising very well. Guess we'll see!

I am going to bed early so that I can be up early and head to Walgreens! How crazy is that? But I have a plan, and want to get there before they sell out of certain products. Their $10 off $40 coupon is only good for today and tomorrow, so I have to jump on it! I'll report later tomorrow. I may be ecstatic, I may be disappointed. I just never know!

So, goodnight!

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