Sunday, September 7, 2008

Did you hear that? That was my bubble popping.

I should know better than to get too excited about potential deals. They never quite work out the way you expect. I've been lucky in the past, and the unexpected turns have worked out to my benefit in most cases. But this was a different story.

I headed to the Walgreens down the street with my list ready and my coupons neatly organized. I walked in the door, picked up the new September Easy Saver Booklet, and that's about the time things started going wrong.
I was confused about which products would qualify for the Shout/Scrubbing Bubbles/Windex deal, and I realized that one of the products I thought I was getting was not going to work for the deal. AND I had accidentally left my "back up" coupons at home, rats! So, I was forced to redo the deals in my head, which tripped me up, and I wasn't sure I had the right coupons. Eek!
Got to the register, a bit flustered and just hoping that everything would work right. Well, the cashier said that I couldn't use multiple coupons of the same kind, even though I was buying multiple ITEMS of the same kind. One coupon per item, right? Nope. He wouldn't let me use the 3 Scrubbing Bubbles coupons, only 1. Then we got to the Robitussin, and he said the same thing. I told him to just void those off my order, and suddenly he changed his tune! It was comical, really. He decided to accept the three identical Robitussin coupons, I think because he didn't want the hassle of voiding the items! So that worked out okay.
I purchased the shower kit separately, so that I could use some Register Rewards earned from the first transaction, along with a $5 coupon I had. BEEP, said the register! No good. I was about at the end of my rope, and was going to just forget the shower kit altogether (although I've been wanting one for a long time, and this was a great deal!), but the kind cashier made it go through somehow, even though the policy (which I only now know) is that you have to have as many items as coupons. Register Rewards count as a coupon, so I had two coupons and one item. Oops! God bless that cashier for making it go through, though. : )
I'm too tired to do a run-down of the two transactions, so suffice it to say that I used the $17.35 on my Walgreens gift card (which was my rebate money from last month), paid exactly $9 in cash, and walked out with $15 in Register Rewards to use later. I should have had $20 in RR, but something went wrong with one of the deals. I have contacted corporate to try to fix it.
I'm happy to have only paid in cash less than half of what the shower kit alone would normally cost. And we really needed stain treatment, so things worked out well.
(Notice who was inspecting the purchases? He likes to lick things when I bring them home and display them. "Mmmm, tastes like Walgreens.")

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Mareydenis said...

Ha! I went to Wags last night and got the following:

Scrubbing bubble shower cleaner ($24.99 regularly)
Two scrubbing bubble action scrubbers
One Pledge Multi surface wipes
One Scrubbing Bubble wipes

Between coupons and my Wags card, I paid $1.50 out of pocket and earned $15 RR!!! Yippeeeeee!!!