Monday, September 22, 2008

It's not a gas shortage. It's a brain shortage.

I'm so sick of this hysteria over the gas shortage in Nashville. Reports say that the concern over the "crisis" is causing Nashvillians to go through FOUR TIMES as much gas in the past week as normal. People are stockpiling and hoarding. People are waiting in line for over an hour (wasting gas) just to "top off" their already-half-full tank, while others (myself included) are on empty and have nowhere to buy just five measly gallons.

I'm not one to buy into rumors and worries about shortages. But apparently I was a little too optimistic last Monday when I bought only five gallons to get me through the week. I figured I'd not fill up all the way, since gas was starting to become scarce, and I knew I could wait it out. WRONG. I overestimated the amount of brain-power in the average Nashvillian. Or maybe I underestimated the power of the rumor mill. In any case, I'm on empty and having to find a back-up plan to my failed back-up plan.

All this has served as a reminder for me: Never take anything for granted! We never know what may be taken from us, whether temporarily or permanently. We should be grateful for every single thing (or available commodity) we have, and thank God every day! Today I have a car, a home, a loving husband, available food, running water...Will I have those tomorrow? I don't know. So I will praise God today for His goodness and mercy!

(And while I'm at it, I'll ask for patience...)

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Mareydenis said...

Preaching to the choir, sister!

I checked 7 stations in Bellevue yesterday. One had gas, and also had a long line. Since I didn't have enough gas to wait in line, I just went home. Sooner or later there will be gas at the stations a mile from home. I just had to be patient and wait. I was able to get gas at 5:45 this morning at my closest Shell station with no line.

If you have enough gas to sit in line with as many as 200 other cars, you have enough gas.

People who hoard it like that are nuts. They're also the same people who create craziness at the grocery stores because there's a potential for snow in Kentucky! You never know--we could be snowed in for weeks! Yeah, cause that happens so frequently . . . as in never.

Hang in there and you'll get your KatyMobile gassed up soon enough!!!