Friday, September 19, 2008

I'm excited about toilet paper and feel no shame

Katy Coupons is a strange creature. I'm just getting to know her, too.

Today's excitement: TOILET PAPER!

Why? Because this morning I got 48 double rolls for $4.60 at CVS! We go through about 1 double roll per week, so that's almost a YEAR'S worth. And the best part is: I won't have to go buy it at Walmart! (I hate Walmart.)

It's truly strange, but having a car full of toilet paper makes me very happy.

: ) ------------------------------>


Mareydenis said...

Hee hee! Makes me wish I parked in your downtown garage just to get a glimpse!! Tiny car, massive toilet paper! And how did you fit it all in those teeny CVS carts?!?

I go way too much. I don't think 48 double rolls would last me anywhere close to a year. You guys are efficient in so many ways! ; )

Yaaaaay to free TP!!! I stocked up on my brand when there was a sale and I had a stock of ECBs. Happiness is a linen closet stocked to the hilt . . . for next to nothing.

I love KatyCoupons!!! And the regular Katy too. They're both inspiring!!!

Katy F. said...

Efficient, yes. Or we're lacking sufficient fiber in our diets. One or the other. : )

FishMama said...

Amen, sister!

I can't go buy mine until this weekend after we move (cross country). Hope there's some left!