Friday, September 19, 2008

Silence of the Lambs Bear

Baxter is never easy on his playmates.

At least this bear only cost $0.45 at the local Thrift Store. Small price to pay for his destructive enjoyment.

At the present time, he has managed to remove Bear's nose and some "brain." Mama stitched up the opening and glued the stitches down with E-6000. (A trick I learned over the years...Otherwise, he'll just rip the stitches out.)

And now Bear looks very scary.


Mareydenis said...

I ate his nose with some fava beans and a nice chianti!

That handsome boy is evil behind his adorable facade!

Great tip about that glue! I didn't know you could use it. More to learn from Katycoupons--buy thrift store toys instead of buying expensive dog toys. Mine eat them and shred them in about 3 minutes. So what is that, about $4/min of doggie frenzied fun? I still miss the Funky Chicken. Sigh.

Katy F. said...

Ha ha! You crack me up, lady.