Saturday, September 13, 2008

Disappointing morning

When Lance got up at 6:30 am (why??), I went ahead and got up, too. I was excited to get to Walgreens and see if they restocked the free-after-rebate items. Before rushing out the door, I pulled the banana bread pan out of the fridge, and found that it had risen some overnight (yay!)

I got to Walgreens around 7 am. I went immediately to the aisle with the L'Oreal and Nivea products that were free-after-rebate. Out. Not restocked. I then took my basket back to the front of the store and left. I was SO disappointed, but I knew there was a good possibility that could happen. So I didn't get the great deals I thought I was getting today.

From there, I went to Walmart Neighborhood Market (in the same parking lot), and got the Suddenly Salad I needed to bring to the barbeque in Spring Hill today. Before leaving the house, I had snipped a coupon for 50 cents off two, so I went ahead and got two, along with a couple of things I knew we'd need this week. I was disappointed to find, after checking out, that Walmart does not double their food coupons. Bummer. If I had thought ahead, I could have caught a sale at Kroger or Publix and used that coupon to get $1 off two. Oh, well.

Got home, put the banana bread in the oven, and kept an eye on it. It smelled wonderful, and looked pretty good, too. When it was done and steaming on the counter, I cut us off some slices, and we sat down to eat together. Hm. Not a lot of banana taste. Surprising, because I used DOUBLE the amount of banana the recipe called for! I'm going to blame the wheat flour, since it was probably overpowering the taste of banana. I've decided that the next loaf: a) will not be made in the bread maker, b) will have the correct amounts of each ingredient, and c) will be made with unbleached white flour instead of wheat. What can I say, I just don't like wheat that much.

So, in all it's been a slightly disappointing morning. But I am looking forward to spending time with the Hatchett clan today and hugging my sweet Granddaddy. It will be nice to be able to spend some time with Rob and Rachel (the soon-to-be cousin-in-law), who we haven't seen in a while.

Thank goodness disappointing mornings can change into satisfying afternoons!

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